Monument Guide

Cooke Stones offers a variety of monuments in different sizes, shapes, colors, and prices to suit every family’s needs. We provide exceptional service and attention to detail for individual and family estate monuments. We take pride in preserving the legacy of loved ones with lasting memorials.

Granite Colors

Our products are available in a variety of elegant colors, including Georgia Grey, Jet Black, Bahama Blue, and Paradiso. We take pride in delivering exceptional materials and craftsmanship that will ensure a lasting tribute for your loved ones.



When it comes to engraving on granite surfaces, sandblasting has been the go-to method for many years. While advancements in technology have certainly opened up other options for engraving, sandblasting remains the primary choice, particularly when it comes to headstones.

Laser Engraved

Lasers create precise and intricate custom monuments on black granite that are works of art. Our skilled craftsmen and high-quality technology allow us to create detailed designs that traditional cutting methods can't match. Trust us for a unique and lasting memorial that honors your loved one.
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